“I have received many massages, some of which were quite excellent.  However, with Jay, I received not only incredible bodywork, but also a true rejuvenation of my spirit.  I had never experienced Reiki before and have nothing with which to compare.  All I can say is that Jay coaxed light and energy out of me that had been hidden for many years. I left his table refreshed physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  I go back as often as I can.”                                                                                                                    

Scott W. 

“I have seen Jay Arovas as my masseur for the past 5 years and have found his work to be a truly wonderful experience for me on many levels.  He has a gentle, healing energy that puts me at ease and allows the bodywork he does to take hold.  He has a gift of discerning where the tension is and is able to work it out in a nurturing, caring manner.  There are times when I feel particularly stressed or distressed and have gone to Jay asking him to work on me in a more aggressive manner, and he is able to oblige in a way that is firm and yet healing also.”                                                                                                       


“A massage session with Jay ranks among the best I’ve experienced.  Jay’s high level of knowledge regarding body structure and musculature enables him to identify and focus on problem areas, using the appropriate mix of deep tissue work, stretching and less intense strokes.  Beyond the technique, the massage experience with Jay offers a comforting environment with a warm, caring, and spiritually aware man.”   


 “I received my first massage from Jay as a birthday present, never suspecting this experience would redefine the meaning of the word gift for me.  My experience on that first day, and for almost every week since, has been amazing.  In the past 18 months I have come to appreciate the enormous impact that good bodywork can have on an individual.  How a massage can open the body, reinforcing and building new structure for the bones and tissues and muscles, allowing them to heal.  I’ve also learned the importance of touch and how it helps not only to integrate the body, but also becalms and unifies the mind.  I genuinely believe that Jay’s innate talent and sensitive hands are a gift.  And combined with intuition and education, his manipulation has astonished me time and again.  Never clinical or perfunctory, the combination of both traditional and non-traditional techniques that are utilized have been effective beyond words.  Ninety minutes out of a week does not seem like a lot of time, but what a huge impact these massage sessions have on all aspects of my life.”

Chris  S. 


“Whether seeking a treatment for therapeutic, relaxation or energetic reasons, your expectations will be exceeded by Jay Arovas’s professional touch.  Combining his knowledge of specific muscle therapy and intuitive touch, his bodywork is synonymous with body-mind connection.  Working in an inviting, safe environment, Jay’s work seems guided by not only uncanny instinct but also technical skill.  As a long-time receiver and proponent of bodywork, I highly recommend a treatment by Jay at TriTouch Therapies to help heal the body and mind as well as to just shake off the world-weariness of our stressful, busy lives.”


“I generally get massage at least once a month.  My life involves lots of trains, planes and automobiles so it is more than a treat – it’s a necessity.  This was one of the most significant bodywork experiences ever.  Jay is a master at Reiki massage.  He is friendly and intuitive about his work.  Don’t let the price scare you…he’s worth every penny!  You owe yourself this one!!”


“Jay is an absolute genius when it comes to leverage and pressure.  He has managed to incorporate Thai massage techniques into his routine to such an extent that it is totally different from any other massage that I have received.  He uses his knees and his legs for example to apply pressure to muscles.  There are times when you wonder how (just) two hands could be covering so much territory.  He does exceedingly well in pressure application and appears to care genuinely for the progress of his client. Jay is a highly skilled therapist and is one of the best in the business.  I was not at all disappointed, and would recommend him to anyone who wants a great massage." 


 “I went to Jay because his web site seemed very professional to me (compared to many others I reviewed). I was having a little bit of pain in my left shoulder. When I arrived, he took some background information from me and then explained about the massage. His massage room is very clean and warm--very conducive to the whole process. When Jay started working on me I realized that he was really, really gifted as a healer. He seemed to intuitively know what needed work and how much pressure to apply. He was very warm and congenial during the massage, making sure I was OK and exchanging light conversation. One thing I really liked about the massage is that he really made me give up control for the hour. I'm a bit of control freak and giving up control is very hard. Through deep breathing and relaxation techniques, he helped to give him control. This was a first-rate massage. I can't say anything negative at all about it and I'm already planning another one for the near future.” 

Name Withheld                                                                                                                                                                         

“Jay gives a great massage! The array of techniques he was able to call upon allowed him to address every area of the body with just the right touch. His strength allows him to give a deep tissue massage that hits all the right spots. He's also not shy about having the client do a little work. I was put into a variety of positions that allowed Jay to reach areas under my shoulder and back muscles that most masseurs never visit. Most of the tension I collect settles in my neck and shoulders. He was able to let it all out with a combination of moves from Swedish to Thai to a traditional sports massage approach. The only demand he puts upon the client is to relax. Even my carpal tunnel aches were gone when the massage was over!” 

Name Withheld                                                                                                                                               

“I just received a massage from Jay. He is without a doubt the most generous professional massage therapist I have ever worked with. I too am a therapist and in my 12 years experience have only met one other therapist I would consider as good as me. Never have I met someone who I felt excelled me in ability and caring, until I worked with Jay. He is truly a phenomenally skilled and generous therapist and spirit. He has an incredible array of techniques available in his session and combines them all artfully. I encourage any one in the area or visiting to experience his gift. If however you can't get a massage with him, try me. Thanks Jay!”

Jason A.