Hawaiian Energetics Training


 The Initial Training shares the core wisdom and base foundation of Hawaiian Energetics in our lineage of teaching. The focus of this training is in the healing and spiritual arts of the Medical Kahuna.

This class provides a foundation for thought, exploration and development of each person as their own kumu (source) of the energies of the world. These energies are mana (the spiritual creative force) and the elemental forces that are the building blocks of all life. A personal relationship with the elements of fire, air, water and earth is essential for us to effectively engage and utilize these energies in our own life and in service to others.

During the training, participants will learn about each of the elements and how to generate and direct them for use in healing and life changes. Each person will have the hands-on opportunity to experience the effects of each element, learning how they are interwoven into the world.

Hawaiian Energetics brings unique perception and treatment possibilities to health care professionals, clients, and students of their own personal growth, care and development.

This teaching invites each person to step into the center of their soul and search for the source of their own Mana. Unlike many other programs, this training has no expectation of duplicating the teacher. Rather, we seek to guide you in bringing forth your own unique gifts as a way of standing and moving through the world. Our ultimate goal through this course is to assist in the creation of a new kahu, enhancing each of us and insuring the nurturing of the world.

Through a blending of "talk story", lineage teachings, experiential practices and honds-on work, you will find a growing inner strength and peace, learning to work in harmony with the forces around you, instead of against them.

Initial 3 Day Training Content

  • Hawaiian View of the World & Creation
  • Our 3 Bodies -- Physical, Etheric, Astral
  • You, as the Heiau (temple)
  • Meeting and  Greeting the Elements
  • Generating and Directing the Elements
  • Aloha: It's fuller, deeper meaning
  • Physical, Energetic & Spiritual Health
  • You, the Elements & Other people

Each participant should come wearing comfortable attire.

Bring with you crayons and a sketch pad.

Attend with an open heart and open mind.

Day 4 Add-on Training Content

  • Additional Experience Running Elements
  • Elemental Diagnostic Tools
  • Fundamentals of Healing Sessions
  • Potential Treatment Options
  • Assisting the Immune System


Initial Training - 3 Day                      March 6 -8, 2020                     9:30am - 5:00pm

        Cost: $425

Add-On Day 4                                        March 9, 2020                           9:30am - 5:00pm

        Cost: $75

Early Registration Discount:  Register by February 17, 2020 to save $50

                                                                   Use coupon code EARLY during enrollment

Location:  Cleveland Park area, Washington, DC

Class Size is Limited