Background Info

Before there was massage in my life...

For as long as I can recall, I have had an interest and desire to help people heal.  However, early college thoughts of entering the medical profession faded away into a career in accounting and finance.  During my ten years in the world of corporate finance, I found myself continually stressed, hunched over a computer and having consistent back and neck pain.

The desire to relieve this pain led me to seek out non-medicative forms of treatment.  I eventually landed in the hands of a massage therapist who worked the knots out of my achy body and who then aided me in correcting my posture and finding easy ways to reduce everyday stress in my life.  I was forever grateful and the seeds of how I could help others were planted in my mind.

My Training

I enrolled in The Chicago School of Massage Therapy and attained my certification as a massage therapist in 1996, becoming a member of the American Massage Therapy Association that same year.  I acquired my National Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork in 1997.  My education did not stop with my certification.  I believe it is critical and necessary to continue the learning process, constantly adding to the skills that I can bring to the table when I work with clients.

My exploration into alternative/complimentary modes of caring for the body has taken me down many paths.  I studied the Usui Shiki Ryoho method of Natural Healing, achieving the level of Reiki Master and Teacher.  The addition of the energy work brought my bodywork to a deeper, and at times, more personal level.

At the suggestion of one of my clients, I traveled to Thailand and spent two weeks studying the art of Nuad Bo-Rarn – ancient Thai Massage.  This style of work was different from anything else I had previously encountered.  It awakened and renewed my body in ways that I had not anticipated.  The addition of the Thai movements and energy techniques added a new layer to my work.

A trip to Hawaii introduced me to Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian for massage) and the energy work that accompanies the physical bodywork.  The session was very powerful and healing.  I became acquainted with an instructor who taught the ancient healing arts of the Hawaiians and was the steward of a lineage of medical practitioners.  The training I began with him has developed into a life-long journey of exploration and growth.

Personal Philosophy

It all begins with you...

Bodywork and massage are about you taking care of yourself.  My role as your bodyworker is to stand by and support you in your personal healing journey.  

How I approach the work...

Healing, I have learned, takes on many forms.  Conversation, touch, movement, energy flow, breath are just some of the ways we get in touch with our bodies and start the healing process.  Pain, discomfort, illness all result in the loss of equilibrium within ourselves.  I look at bodywork as a means of restoring that equilibrium on not only a physical level, but also on energetic and spiritual  levels -- some may refer to this as the body, mind, spirit connection.


Whether the desire is to relax, relieve pain, improve mobility or release stress, the process begins with communication.  I first listen to your words and desires so that there is an understanding of what you are seeking.  Then I allow my hands to listen to the rhythms and messages of your body.  Together we work to let go of the bindings within the body and create space for the flow of energy and the calming of the mind.  Together we honor your body, bringing you back to your center.

In the end...

 I strive to provide my clients with the best, most comprehensive care possible.  I continually study to hone my existing skills, to add to my knowledge of the body and to discover new tools that make me a better, ever thoughtful healer.